Our love for photography and video started underwater as scuba divers, we loved the colors and marine life of the underwater world. We knew very few people have the chance to see the wonders and beauty of this world, so with cameras in hand we submerged under the waves to share our images with family and friends. When we surfaced, we wanted to capture the beauty, emotions and personalities of people as well.

We both have a passion for capturing those once in a lifetime moments that can only live on through images and video. It's always an honor and privilege to be trusted with your special moments and we thank you for sharing your story with us.


We know in today's world, everyone has a camera, but not everyone is a photographer.  Photography is our business, not a hobby.

Our photo shoots and events are fun, energetic and sometimes even a little crazy!

We do not like stress, so therefore we try not to cause stress...let's enjoy the day.

Our images capture moments in your lifetime that you will never have again.  Let us make them special.

From experience we know it's true, you get what you pay for.  Don't let inexpensive and inexperience cause you regrets later.  Call us for you photography and video needs.


Thank you Jesus for giving us the opportunity to see the wonders and beauty of Your world.